The rebirth of the “Sand liner” episode 1

Following the bankruptcy of the last of the casino operators, the “Sand Liner” is looking for a new future. “The ship that does not want to die”, was bought by the municipality of Barcarès in 2011.

A few years later major renovation work began. The liner will undergo several renovation campaigns from 2014.

First Year 2014/2015:

Lots of unsightly constructions around the liner
Aèrial view (copyright photo Google)

The Lydia is surrounded by buildings which make it ugly. The priority is the demolition of all these buildings to find the original design of the ship:

Seaside: port side
Demolition of starboard buildings (copyright X. Cuvelier-Roy)
copyright (Xavier Cuvelier-Roy)
The hull had been widely opened, the ironworkers are at work to fill these scars

We take the opportunity to fill in the large openings that had been made in the hull …. On the sea side, the demolition of the “Patio” has also begun….

There was a ship behind the concrete!

Admit that it’s better there too! On the foredeck there is also change: The restaurant “Isadora” built in the 70s, and very degraded, is demolished:

Copyright Hobbies Blog

The restaurant “Isadora” had been built during the Japanese era to house a restaurant in place of the old swimming pool from the 1960’s. Little by little the Lydia finds a silhouette conforming to the origin:

Une dalle de béton avait elle aussi été coulée sur le pont. Les employés municipaux font place nette.

The steeldeck is cleaned:

View from further :

The final result:

Under the forecastle the structure is renovated and repainted (copyright Marie-Hélène Cuvelier-Roy)

And this is only the beginning… The construction site continues today…

To be continued….

The second phase of work HERE

Olivier Alba

President of the AAML

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